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Plagues, Ink & Coffee - Vol 1

Jan 05, 2018

Plagues, Ink & Coffee
Vol 1
Happy New Year everyone!!!  
Welcome to the new Plagues, Ink & Coffee! 

 First of all I want to thank everyone for an amazing 2017. So many things happened so  fast that I cannot begin to even express the gratitude enough. Prints were dropping, collab was poppin, Facebook group expanding, Inktober was crushing and all through that, we all met and became friends on the unified field.

What a trip so far, but we are just getting warmed up!

On Jan 1st 2018 at approx 10:43AM, actor Josh Brolin contacted me and purchased the original “Phallic New Year” drawing I had done for New Years Eve 2017. Folks started to request this as a print. The drawing is based off of my perception of New Years Eve and why I'm in bed by 930pm.. ahhah!

So you may want to check my shop at 10:43am PST this Friday Jan 5th... 
Phallic New Year
12 x 16 inches
Signed and hand-numbered edition of 36
On a personal collecting note, the next day I was able to purchase my all time favorite Ralph Steadman print- “The Lizard Lounge” in all its glorious jurassic size and 7 LSD induced colors…welcome home old boy!

The work continues in to 2018  as I draw and paint everyday. I am currently working on a book cover for random house, an LP cover, Neil Young group commission,  supplying all illustrations for a children's book, an epic collaboration of biblical proportions and a group gallery show booked in Los Angeles at Gabba Gallery with some heavy hitters next October. 

Prints a plenty….

Following the sold out abstract piece, "The Unified Field”, you will see the release of “4th State of Consciousness “ through Bottleneck Gallery mid month. Then ending with a 3rd piece in the series in which I'm referring to as the "In Dreams” series.
4th State of Consiousness
Coming soon from Bottleneck Gallery
Lets not forget Fear and Loathing Part 3 which should make an appearance this first quarter, some gig prints I've committed to coming soon and I'm looking forward to releasing some screen prints of my work on nice paper…BTW i love nice paper!
OK, I need to get back to the drawing board to make sure this really happens!!!
Thank You