joey FeldMAN art

Cosmic Bliss

joey FeldMaN


Cosmic Bliss

Sold through Bottleneck Gallery

Fine art giclee on 310gsm bright white cotton rag with a different hand pulled metallic blade stroke embellishment on each print. Each print is 100% unique. 

24 x 18 inches

Signed and numbered

Edition of 40

"You approched the unified field, then entered the 4th state of conciseness and dipped into the crimson portal slipping into cosmic bliss.cosmic bliss is a state of being, an ecstatic feeling. an inner explosion of exhilaration and lightness. unconditional joy, formeless and timeless.the fundamental dynamic of the universe." 

** Please Note **
Only one print per person/household allowed on the first day of sale.
Ordering multiple variants is not allowed.
Multiple orders will not be honored and your order will be fully refunded.