joey FeldMAN art

Mosquito Rojo

joey FeldMaN


Mosquito Rojo

Originally sold at Bottleneck Gallery

12 x 9 inches

Hand-numbered edition of 200

100% of profit will be donated to the Gershman Family

“I don’t like getting sick. I become a big baby--I don’t want anyone around me and I do not want any help. But when I recently found out about my friend’s situation, my first reaction was ‘how can I help?’ You see, for me, it’s easier to help others than it is to help myself. 

My friend, Eric Gershman, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. If you’re not familiar, it’s blood cancer. He’s a husband and a father of three. He’s also a high school teacher at Springfield Township High School in Pennsylvania. He’s going to need treatments, time off from work, many treatments, and recovery time. His family will need all the love and support we can give them.

I took some action and got in touch with Bottleneck Gallery--they didn’t blink an eye and were on board, so created this image, which is influenced by a song that was recently played by the Gershman’s favorite band. So now this print will be available and 100% of the profits will go to Gershman family”

** Please Note **
Only one print per person/household allowed on the first day of sale.
Ordering multiple variants is not allowed.
Multiple orders will not be honored and your order will be fully refunded.